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Los Angeles, California

International Color Photography Awards announces the winners of CHROMATIC AWARDS 2023 edition.

ALEXANDRU CRISAN was Awarded: :> 3rd prize award (Bronze Medal) in Professional Abstract category with “Graceful Lily’s Wedding Morning”, :> honorable mention award in Professional Conceptual category with “Insert Religious Reference Here”, :> honorable mention award in Professional Fine Art category with “Et in Arcadia Ego (3rd Millennium)”, :> honorable mention award in Professional Nudes category with “Graceful Lily and the Cyber Elders”, :> honorable mention award in Professional Portrait category with “Punk ist Tot”, :> honorable mention award in Professional Photomanipulation category with “Matryoshka (the 4th wave) Redux.The Eye(s) of the Skin”, in the Chromatic Awards 2023 Competition.

Published in Chromatic Awards Annual Book.

ABOUT Chromatic Awards: “Chromatic Awards is an international competition of color photography open to both professionals and amateurs. Participation in the Chromatic Awards offers not only prestige, but also the opportunity to win extra money for the development of passion. As such, every professional and amateur photographer from every corner of the world is invited and urged to participate in the third edition of this international prestigious photographic competition dedicated to color photography where 20 categories will be adjudicated by an international jury composed of magazine editors, gallery curators, professional agents and other industry professionals.Availability of photographic equipment makes the competition among photographers very large, and the possibility of breakthrough is extremely difficult. Amateurs and professional photographers who want to share their passion must demonstrate not only a good knowledge of the workshop, but also the tenacity in pursuing their aim. Our mission is to provide artists the opportunity to share their passion and stories through their photographs, promote the world’s top photographers, and discover new, emerging talents. With twenty categories, the chance to show the very core of one’s work is limitless as world-renowned and competent professionals sit in the jury and scrutinize every iota of detail of each entry. Together we are building the art market and strengthening the position of color photography in the art world.Visit Chromatic Awards website.

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