A distinct part of my works are the original paintings dedicated to special collector’s, galleries or museums who want to have an Original Unique Artwork.
> [UA] UNIQUE ARTWORKS either paintings or drawings are available in the original form or framed following the specifications stipulated on each dedicated page
> original unique painting on paper/linen/canvas
> format: variable
> prices: starting from 10.000 EUR
> due to limited availability, Unique Artworks are available only upon request for direct online purchase
> If you are interested in PURCHASING an Original Unique Artwork, you can MAKE AN OFFER by contact us section or send an email to info@alexandru-crisan.com with the name or the image you selected. Will get back to you as soon as possible. The time to answer/approval of availability is within 3 days.
> For extensive details please consult the following pages: about artworks, FAQ section.

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  • ABC Ch.01 – There once was an Impressionist who…

  • ABC Ch.02 – I know what you saw during lockdown!

  • ABC Ch.04 – Epiluminescence Microscopy: the Truth

  • ABC Ch.05 – Epiluminescence Microscopy: the Lies

  • ABC Ch.06 – Vivisection, A Maieutic Raid

  • ABC Ch.07 – Is My Reason Road Kill?

  • ABC Ch.08 – The Truth Is In Here

  • ABC Ch.09 – The Truth Was Out There

  • ABC Ch.10 – On Any Judgment Day, Antumbra Breeds Lizards

  • ABC Ch.11 – The Split-Second Spectrum of the Self

  • ABC Ch.12 – I, Alone, Can Fly, You, Alone, Can Spy

  • ABC Ch.12 – The Truth, When Ajar

  • ABC Ch.13 – Discorsi #3: Mascherata, larghetto lamentoso

  • ABC Ch.13 – Mascherata #2, andantino accelerando

  • ABC Ch.13 – Mascherata #4, allegrissimo maestoso

  • ABC Ch.13 – Mascherata #5, subito prestissimo

  • ABC Ch.14 – “On Any Judgment Day” – A Syllogism

  • ABC Ch.14 – Inside Your Head, Everyone Can Hear You Scream

  • ABC Ch.15 – On Any Judgment Day, There Be a Lotta Wrong Texture

  • ABC Ch.15 – The Other Truth

  • ABC Ch.16 – On Any Judgment Day, Fragrance Festers Fluently

  • ABC Ch.19 – Kundalini: Kiss the Dormant Snake

  • ABC Ch.2 – I, Holograph

  • ABC Ch.20 – Kundalini: Ride That Snake

  • ABC Ch.21 – Kundalini: Adi Shakti, para bellum

  • ABC Ch.23 – Imprint In Printing Progress

  • ABC Ch.25 – Odin was here. We had a beer.

  • ABC Ch.27 – My Masticated Malthusian Metaverse

  • ABC Ch.3 – A Skin Deep Anamnesis

  • ABC Ch.3 – You, Manuscript