A distinct part of my works are the original paintings dedicated to special collector’s, galleries or museums who want to have an original unique artwork.

> [UA] UNIQUE ARTWORKS either paintings or drawings are available in the original form or framed following the specifications stipulated on each dedicated page. Due to limited availability, Unique Artworks are available only upon request for direct online purchase. If you are interested in purchasing original unique artworks use the contact us section. For any other detailed information’s please contact us.

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  • ABC Ch.01 – There once was an Impressionist who…

  • ABC Ch.02 – I know what you saw during lockdown!

  • ABC Ch.04 – Epiluminescence Microscopy: the Truth

  • ABC Ch.05 – Epiluminescence Microscopy: the Lies

  • ABC Ch.06 – Vivisection, A Maieutic Raid

  • ABC Ch.07 – Is My Reason Road Kill?

  • ABC Ch.08 – The Truth Is In Here

  • ABC Ch.09 – The Truth Was Out There

  • ABC Ch.10 – On Any Judgment Day, Antumbra Breeds Lizards

  • ABC Ch.11 – The Split-Second Spectrum of the Self

  • ABC Ch.12 – I, Alone, Can Fly, You, Alone, Can Spy

  • ABC Ch.12 – The Truth, When Ajar

  • ABC Ch.13 – Discorsi #3: Mascherata, larghetto lamentoso

  • ABC Ch.13 – Mascherata #2, andantino accelerando

  • ABC Ch.13 – Mascherata #4, allegrissimo maestoso

  • ABC Ch.13 – Mascherata #5, subito prestissimo

  • ABC Ch.14 – “On Any Judgment Day” – A Syllogism

  • ABC Ch.14 – Inside Your Head, Everyone Can Hear You Scream

  • ABC Ch.15 – On Any Judgment Day, There Be a Lotta Wrong Texture

  • ABC Ch.15 – The Other Truth

  • ABC Ch.16 – On Any Judgment Day, Fragrance Festers Fluently

  • ABC Ch.19 – Kundalini: Kiss the Dormant Snake

  • ABC Ch.2 – I, Holograph

  • ABC Ch.20 – Kundalini: Ride That Snake

  • ABC Ch.21 – Kundalini: Adi Shakti, para bellum

  • ABC Ch.23 – Imprint In Printing Progress

  • ABC Ch.25 – Odin was here. We had a beer.

  • ABC Ch.27 – My Masticated Malthusian Metaverse

  • ABC Ch.3 – A Skin Deep Anamnesis

  • ABC Ch.3 – You, Manuscript