Few of my artworks, part of the Collector’s Edition (Signature Editions), are available in only one Exclusive Art Print, dedicated to special collector’s, galleries or museums who wants to have an original unique artprint.

> [UE] UNIQUE EDITION dedicated for a unique exclusive art image, selected from a project or a distinct series as reference, available worldwide in only one edition of 1 Art Print + 1 Artist Proof, numbered as 1/1. Due to limited availability, Unique Edition is available only upon request for direct online purchase. If you are interested in purchasing original unique artworks, you can make an offer by contact us section. For any other detailed information’s please contact us.

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  • I do not know any Medusa / v.1.8

  • I’ve never heard of Andrew Warhola Jr / v.1.7

  • No /phrenic/ connection with Andrew Warhola Jr / v.1.6

  • These Are Not White Veins / v.1.4

  • This Ain’t Fugazy / v.1.3

  • This has nothing to do with Andrew Warhola Jr / v.1.5

  • We are not /that/ Mary / v.1.2