E X H I B I T I O N   I N   B U C H A R E S T

Project details

“Determining space through the complex game of shadows generated by the light flux is the attribute of the metaphysical architectural object. The game caused by the violent contrast between the shadow and the light re-constructs the perceptible field space. Light that creates space is one of the attributes of Le Corbusier’s specially operating element. Light is mediated by the architectural object that assumes it, incorporating it into all the constituent elements. It performs the subtle metaphysical transition between inner space and outer space. Light, a volume modeling tool, helps define the spatial orientation of objects. Concentrated light resulting from the orientation of the architectural elements of the windows draws guidelines that unify the elements of the interior space. The complex geometric composition translates beyond the sensations into an identity message.”

Project selection

“The spatial perception of the light drawing resulting from the contrast generated by the Ronchamp traspore highlights the separation between two worlds: the outer space world determined by the presence of light and the inner space world dominated by darkness, by the clearobscur generated by the perforated element. Darkness partially rebuilds interior elements by accentuating their quality of light absorption and reflecting their own brightness. Objects passively receive light, becoming light sources themselves. The distinction between white and black becomes somewhat imperceptible. Absolute black is the element highlighted by the presence of intense whiteness.” (read more on “White. Corbu’ Part 1“: https://alexandru-crisan.com/white-corbu-1-on-arhitectura-magazine-2012-bucharest-romania/)

Project gallery

“Talking about Le Corbusier and the perception of the architectural object translates to look beyond the generalized image in an individual, personalized space, causing a state of timelessness … a sensation that can often be transposed into the gradual precept within the temporal of causal space conforming architectural. Timelessness is not measured … Sometimes along this route, predetermined or directed, you experience the demiurgical feeling of rebuilding the interior space. Perception results from summing up and superimposing the assimilation of elements. It can often surprise you later, through the remembrance of cumulative sensations. In this context, the memory and the ability to join sequences in a chronological order plays an essential role … The constituent fragments of a whole, re-evaluated beyond seeming punctual, create the illusion of an integral object by recomputing a specific scene. Fragments redefine the limits a priori perceived, and most of the time redirecting your attention causes you to choose a different route different from the one originally proposed.” (read more on “White.Black? Corbu’ Part 2“: https://alexandru-crisan.com/black-corbu-2-on-arhitectura-magazine-2012-bucharest-romania/)

white / alexandru crisan

architecture photography exhibition

exhibition: 03-18 June 2012 / Cărturești

opening hours: June 03, 2012, 6pm


WHITE, photography exhibition by Alexandru Crisan. Bucharest Territorial Branch of the Order of Romanian Architects has the special pleasure to invite you to the opening of the photo exhibition “White”, author of the arch. Alexandru Crişan, which will take place on Sunday, June 3 at 6:00 pm at Cărtureşti Cafeteria – Str. Pictor Arthur Verona no. 13. The event takes place within the Bucharest Architecture Annual – Xa 2012 edition, organized by OAR (Order of Romanian Architects – Bucharest) and principal partner MNAC (The National Museum of Contemporary Art).

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