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PX3.09 Annual Book 2015, Paris, France



PX3.09 ANNUAL BOOK, Paris 2015


[Prix de la Photographie Paris] Px3 Yearbook 2015.


You’ll find in this book some of my images selected from competition as follows:

::> “Breeze” [2nd prize (Silver Award)], in Nature category],

::> “Vaioaga Waterfall #2” [3rd prize (Bronze Award) in Nature category],

::> “Distant Lands” [3rd prize (Bronze Award) in Nature category],

::> “Dark Clouds (16:9)” [3rd prize (Bronze Award)in Nature category],

::> “Lonely Mountain” [honorable mention award in Landscape category],

::> “Imperfection” [honorable mention award in Architecture category],

::> “Stairway To Heaven” [honorable mention award in Architecture category].


More details about my images at PX3 2015 Competition on the following link:

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