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PX3.11 Annual Book 2017, Paris, France



PX3.11 ANNUAL BOOK, Paris 2017


[Prix de la Photographie Paris] Px3 Yearbook 2017.


You’ll find in this book some of my images selected from competition results as follows:

::> series “Ghost Ships” [2nd prize (Silver Award) in Book Proposal (Series Only) category] >> (images “Hydra”, “Exterminator”, “Icebreaker”, “Ghost Ship”, “Alien Carrier”),

::> “Wreck Inhabitants” [2nd prize (Silver Award) in Fine Art category],

::> series “Impossible Architectures-The Pyramid” [honorable mention award in Architecture category] >> (images “Inverted Pyramid”, “Secret Pyramid”, “Touching the Void”, “Revealed”, “AllSeeingEye”),

::> series “Impossible Architectures-Strange Structures” [honorable mention award in Collage category] >> (images “Strange Vicinities”, “Exit”, “Voutes”, “Mirrored Windows”, “The Hive”), 

::> series “Frozen Spirit” [honorable mention award in Nature category] >> (images “Frozen Spirit”, “Dragon Tail (frozen stories)”, “Frozen Structures”, “Frozen Cells”),

::> series “Lost Highway” [honorable mention award in Self-Promotion category] >> (images “LH-Phantom Bridge”, “LH-Following”, “LH-Hijacking the Money Truck”, “LH-Free Run”), 

::> “Birds Carrier” [honorable mention award in Digitally Enhanced category],

::> “The Dematerialisation Of Ms. G – The Blue Light” [honorable mention award in Other_FA category],

::> “Temple Church” [honorable mention award in Architecture category],

::> “Lost Memories” [honorable mention award in Architecture category],

::> “Blue Lagoon” [honorable mention award in Architecture category],

::> “High Density” [honorable mention award in Abstract category].


 More details about my images at PX3 2017 Competition on the following link:

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  1. hi. i found your images on PX3 competition website. now i reach your website…many images published in this great book. you really deserve it. best of luck

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