> edition size: limited edition of 10 + 2 AP, numbered from 1/10

> format: M/XL/SL > print size: 50cm/100cm/150cm

> medium: archival pigment print > museum standard

> coa: signature edition > dedicated certificate of authenticity

> series: Dreams > Neondemon




> about the image:

> A wise man once said: “Bellezza perisce nella vita, ma immortale nell arte”. Another man came many years after and make a movie that speaks about our modern beauty, about dreams, desires, and everything we have lost over the years. Mostly, the ability to see beyond our selfishness, and to feed our ego with what we have left as humans. In a world of insanity and false beliefs, we think we possess the ability to evaluate and appreciate just because we can, we can easily distinguish between good and evil, between beauty and ugliness, between right or wrong. We are at least the avatars of the unknown otherselfs trying desperately and deliberately to achieve the ability to define yourself, related to others. We can judge and enunciate our opinions, we try hardly to mark everything that surrounds us with our appreciations. And probably this is our biggest mistake. The appreciation is a result of our beliefs and of our referral system imposed by others, by trends, by a solid defined personal taste. These were some of the starting points regarding my quest to define and somehow transpose in only one image the beauty, named “la grande bellezza”. It’s not a conceptual image, nor even an abstract one as it was the initial project idea. Mainly I tried to make a whole series of images related to this subject. Finally, I conclude that only one image can express best the idea of beauty. What kind of beauty I am talking about? I will let you decide that! Maybe is not about the beauty anymore, maybe is about you and all the things I put together above. Bellow is only speculations and a matter of taste, which finally concludes about the beauty within. That beauty lives by herself in her imperfection, showed and hid to your eyes, open and closed to your senses, sweet and meantime bitter if you swallow it. It’s neverending process, regenerating herself, flown by, and mostly in the winds of our desires, impossible to catch and needed often to be released. This image is dedicated to the second man, named Paolo Sorrentino. (20th of June 20th20)


> Collector’s Limited Edition of 10, numbered from 1/10

> Format M 50x50CM, XL 100x100cm, SL 150x150cm.

> “La Grande Bellezza” is available for purchase in one unique Art Limited Collector’s Edition of 10 and 2 Artist’s Proofs, in giclee archival art print at the highest museum quality standards, on Fine Art cotton paper from Hahnemuhle with pigment ink. The Collector’s Editions are certified signature editions, stamped and numbered on the back side. Additionally, as a separate document, a dedicated signed Certificate of Authenticity, with artwork title, date and edition number, indicate that you have purchased an original exclusive artwork. No further reproduction of any kind will be run after the collector edition is sold out. The prices for Collector Editions are progressive. For other detailed information’s see the section ART PRINTS.