MOROI METABOLISM (2nd version)



> edition size: limited edition of 10 + 2 AP, numbered from 1/10

> format: M/XL/SL > print size: 50cm/100cm/150cm

> medium: archival pigment print > museum standard

> coa: signature edition > dedicated certificate of authenticity

> series: Asylum > Neondemon



MOROI METABOLISM (2nd version)

> about the image:

Surfacing from Romanian folklore via escapist cinema, the term Moroi was appropriated as an alternative “denomination” for vampires. However, the Slavic lexicon points out to the můramòra etymological nexus, with direct reference to nightmares, only to develop subsequently an archetypal transition towards a more palatable form of a succubus. It is a rather comforting contrast to the Romanian incipient interpretation, which preserved for centuries the even more disturbing meaning of an unbaptized dead child that haunts his own mother in the dead of night… Therefore, the Moroi phantasm tries to encompass as many neuroses as possible, from infanticide anxieties to sexual masochism, branching out with each storytelling leap, such as to test our fears du jour… No matter how much fright one might crave, the truth rests with those who take a martially piercing look within themselves, in the attempt to exorcize their own disquietudes. When we struggle to metabolize our own fears, to turn them into nurturing identity reformation, no demons can feast on our souls…


> Collector’s Limited Edition of 10, numbered from 1/10

> Format M 50x50CM, XL 100x100cm, SL 150x150cm.

> “Moroi Metabolism (2nd version)” is available for purchase in one unique Art Limited Collector’s Edition of 10 and 2 Artist’s Proofs, in giclee archival art print at the highest museum quality standards, on Fine Art cotton paper from Hahnemuhle with pigment ink. The Collector’s Editions are certified signature editions, stamped and numbered on the back side. Additionally, as a separate document, a dedicated signed Certificate of Authenticity, with artwork title, date and edition number, indicate that you have purchased an original exclusive artwork. No further reproduction of any kind will be run after the collector edition is sold out. The prices for Collector Editions are progressive. For other detailed information’s see the section ART PRINTS.