OLD MONEY (remix)



> edition size: limited edition of 10 + 2 AP, numbered from 1/10

> format: M/XL/SL > print size: 50cm/100cm/150cm

> medium: archival pigment print > museum standard

> coa: signature edition > dedicated certificate of authenticity

> series: that OMG > Original Male Gaze

OLD MONEY (remix)

> about the image:

Girl meets boy. The girl doesn’t care where the boy’s home is. The girl is obsessed with hydrangeas and marzipans; she also loves love. The boy aspires to be the kind of nouveaux riche that abhors smartphone cameras and sharing. The girl shares a few consecutive seasons with the boy. This photograph was taken when the boy stopped being that boy. The girl and the boy will always share Lana Del Rey.

> about series:

> I eye, therefore I am. From time to time, I point-and-click, therefore I shoot your fetish-hologram – that (always) does it! It’s my ante-feminism trick that triggers your pedantic iris diaphragm. My photo-finish lifelines start with that “another you”. You stop where they commence. I intertwine your piercing shards of greyish blue with B&W reactionary bloodlines that may seem a sociological offense. I chalk that up to a repetitive, yet differentiated casting choice. My peers simply call it happenstance. Therefore I stare. Therefore I raze? I masquerade, I track down- therefore I (meta) sin?! Am I, perchance, the Original Male Gaze? I’m looking at your eyes. I only see your skin. You brand me toxic while you riff & live-stream my symmetric narcissistic praise.

> project page: that OMG


> Collector’s Limited Edition of 10, numbered from 1/10

> Format M 50x50CM, XL 100x100cm, SL 150x150cm.

> “Old Money (remix)” is available for purchase in one unique Art Limited Collector’s Edition of 10 and 2 Artist’s Proofs, in giclee archival art print at the highest museum quality standards, on Fine Art cotton paper from Hahnemuhle with pigment ink. The Collector’s Editions are certified signature editions, stamped and numbered on the back side. Additionally, as a separate document, a dedicated signed Certificate of Authenticity, with artwork title, date and edition number, indicate that you have purchased an original exclusive artwork. No further reproduction of any kind will be run after the collector edition is sold out. The prices for Collector Editions are progressive. For other detailed information’s see the section ART PRINTS.