> medium: archival pigment print
> size: 100x100cm numbered from 1/10
> series: Fairytales
> awards: awarded image

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> “Pray to the Winds. They will prove to be mighty allies of Greece.” (Macaulay, G. C. Section on Delphi and the Pythian oracle from Herodotus Book VII 140-3) “We are in 480 BC, year of the second Persian invasion of Greece led by Xerxes. Pythia during this entire period had arguably adopted a very defeatist and alarmist attitude – one could say for good reason given the size of Xerxes army. Yet in her statement she chose to leave some room for the possibility of victory for the Greeks. The statement above corresponds to Pythia’s answer when asked by the Delphians of what could be done to defeat the Persians.

> “I do believe in dreams… and I also believe in our days we lack the ability of dreaming. The proposed image narrates a different stance in a world of fairy tales, a world of haunted dreams, and mostly in a world of loud voices. The images from this series are oriented towards a deep understanding of human anxieties, beyond hopes or desires… Somewhere, beyond the envisioned world of dreams, the tormented, ugly or deformed character hides a fantastic world of inner beauty revealed through an extremely sensitive approach. The personal vision on interpreting easily distinguishable human emotions, defines the thin boundaries of revealing the hidden human soul.

> “Pray to the Winds” is available for purchase as a Special Art Limited Collector’s Edition of 10 and 2 Artist’s Proofs, in giclee archival fine art print at the highest museum quality standards. The collector editions are certified by the artist indicating that you have purchased an original exclusive artwork. No further reproduction of any kind will be run after collector editions are sold out. For other detailed information’s see the section ART PRINTS.

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Format XL, 100x100cm, Special Signature Collector’s Edition from 1 to 10 or

Format XL, 100x100cm, Unique Exclusive Signature Collector’s Edition of 1