Rv-34. Decomposing



> format: M > size: 42 x 29.5cm

> medium: ink painting

> support: tillia paper 250gsm

> signature: signed on bottom right with black ink

> type: original painting, 2014 > cat: 523588

> price: make an offer





> about: T


> Unique Artwork, painting

> dimensions 42 x 29.5cm, signed on bottom right, original

> “Decomposing” is available for purchase as an Unique Artwork. The original painting is made with ink on tillia paper 250gsm. The artwork is signed by the artist on front bottom right side with black ink. The work is also signed, stamped and have a unique identification numbered on the back side. Additionally, we can provide a dedicated Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the Artist, indicating that you have purchased an original unique artwork.