Buy into my fear, sell me on yours” is the denting, yet ludic mechanism behind the “ASYLUM” series, which includes the triptych you are viewing right now. It’s a rendition of repeated anxiety transactions – those that stimulate any relationship centered on intimacy, regardless of fortuity or longevity. We toy with each other thinking we might rewind tides or at least our inner-clock, but the truth is that we frolic to forgive our own seditious submissions and to imprint hapless happy-go-luckies with our ebbing emotions. And we’re always prepared to pay to play, since sentiments substitute for currency once our bloodshot eyes are wide open. So we obscure our faces from time to time, to make it difficult for our hands to beg all by themselves, yet their petrified persistence always pays off… That is, of course, once the defensive hide-and-seek framed our trust in otherness for a perpetual “again”.

The erotic undertones of these three works are the result of a spontaneity which I’m hoping you, the viewer, will embrace and appropriate. The incandescence trapped between the black & white imbalances will shy away from a critical glance, but will reward those prone to delayed gratifications. I trust that you will feel the light as heavy and condescending as your own passions, and the darkness as organic as your own satisfactions. By the bye, if the title seems to you a Freudian slip, you might be right, but it’s not mine alone…”

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