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I am Alexandru Crisan (b. Bucharest, Romania 1978) and I am a visual artist. Art photography is my main game now. I’ve been either painting or photographing my entire conscious life.

I have received my first film camera when I was 12 years old and, over a quarter of a century later, I still have a soft spot for the B&W prints. Over time, I’ve added color to my take of the texture of the light, and I’ve grown to embrace the organic nature of the constructed space. I am an architect by formal education, which affords me the satisfaction of building and teaching (link). In 2008 I’ve decided to start sharing my work with others like me and you. Hence this website: a corner where we understand one another. Since then, my works spread throughout the world, in selected art-galleries, in peer-reviewed magazines, in privately-owned collections, and on your phone… It’s the effervescent dialogue that made this site possible.

You will notice the eclectic nature of my projects. My long-term, open-ended photographic series – such as ‘My Romania’ (2009-2015), ‘Impossible Worlds’ (2010-2015), ‘Lost Highway’ (2014-2015), ‘Surreal Manipulations’ (2013-2015), ‘Impossible Objects’ (2013-2014), ‘Minimal White’ (2012-2014) or ‘Minimal Black’ (2014-2015) – are compulsive translations of my understanding of time and space. Some called them “metaphysical” projects. Therefore, since 2015, I’ve decided to get more “tactile”: “Erotoarchitecture” ensued. “Alien Structures” and “Impossible Architectures” followed naturally, driven by re-compositions and surreal obsessions. From 2017 onwards, the human condition took center stage, and I’ve developed several projects that speak more about me: “Dreams”, “Asylum”, “Lust”, “Hypnosis” or “Fairytales”- these are all trails on which I’ve lost myself. I trust you will find me. So, keep looking!


During the last years my works won several photography awards and nominations from different prestigious international competitions, including annual editions of: Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3), International Photography Awards (IPA), Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA), Neutral Density Photography Awards (ND AWARDS), International Color Photography Awards (CHROMATIC AWARDS), Epson International Pano Photography Awards (PANO AWARDS), Monochrome Photography Awards, Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA), Monovisions Photography Awards, Photography Gala Awards (Pollux Awards), Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA), Art Limited International Art Exhibition, Minimalist Photography Awards, Black and White Spider Photography Awards, International Color Awards, International Photo Contest (35 Awards), Siena Awards, Art Limited Awards, Stark Photography Awards, Photographer’s Forum Awards, in countries such as United Kingdom, France, United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, Russia, Italy, Romania so. >> for detailed list see the AWARDS section


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“I adore the works of Alexandru Crisan. A poem that graces the beauty of mysticism, mystery, power with so much depth. His works are an expression of the soul that evokes a powerful human emotion; it is a classic example of a genius in fine art photography. Alexandru Crisan truly is a blessing for the world of photography.” (Hengki Koentjoro, 2018)

“Alexandru Crisan is a very talented and award winning photographer who is able to translate his overwhelming imagination in the limitedness of the available dimensions of the two-dimensional media he is using. His proposed and thought realities are in fact, most of the time multidimensional surrealities, because of the variety of – sometimes rather hidden – layers which he is adding to his expressions. Crisan world is a diverse environment of emotions, despair, hope, doubt, fear, but always a poetic and an esthetic exercise too, even if a topic doesn’t give rise, at the first sight, to such a poetic interpretation. I highly appreciate his work, in fact in all its appearances, with a slight preference to these topics which are dealing with human sensitive and emotional states of mind. Crisan knows apparently how to perforate through the objective into the human soul, always with unexpected and surprising outcomes.” (Jos Letschert, 2018)

“Una fotografia di Alexandru vale più di mille parole”. (Antonio Palmerini, 2018)

“Unfortunately, a significant number of contemporary so-called fine art photographers are infected by a malicious virus, I call plagiarism. What is plagiarism in artistic photography nowadays? Those colleagues do not simply copy and modify images in Photoshop of outstanding, legendary artistic photographers such as Adams, Levin, Hoflehner, Lindbergh etc. They do it much more sophistically, that is, by parotting their unique styles by actually visiting the very same spots, taking photographs under identical conditions (daytime, weather, light, frame and so on) of the same objects, after post processing in the same fashion coming up with virtually identical images of those great photographer legends… OK, everyone is free to do photography in such a fashion, but originality, innovation, creativity, is entirely lacking here, thus, such kind of photographers just deliver boring fake results IMO. Alexandru’s work, what I have been knowing and admiring for around a decade now, strives for the opposite: for actual, unique and therefore fascinating originality, what is not easy at all, that is, innovation combined with a wonderful sense of awesome aesthetics in artistic photography. Furthermore, he has developed his very own, unique style and manages to show us formerly virtually or actually pretty unknown land and seascapes in Romania as well as abroad (Italy, etc.). Alexandru has actually been looking for the unknown, he does want to enter and discover new land and break new ground like Columbus and so many others did, what I actually appreciate very much. Moreover, I’m quite sure, we both share beyond this attitude further similar attitude and motivation in artistic photography, that is, among other things, dealing with the mystery of our world, particularly time and space, and our own existence as human beings in the universe. Therefore, I always enjoy studying Alexandru’s work and I look forward to checking out new pieces of great art in the future.” (Volker Birke, 2018)

“Through my quest in art photography, there are but a few artists that I am constantly following their work. From “Impossible worlds” to “Architecture”, Alexandru’s diverse imagery and signature style is what made me study his images and find the hidden worlds behind them. Devoid of conventional interpretations, Alexandru’s works are a case study in art photography. (Theodore Kefalopoulos, 2018)

“In this oversaturated time where images fly by in swipe or a click there are still a few photographers who demand more than a passing glance. The works of Alexandru Crisan are a perfect example of an artist whose work constantly intrigues. His portfolio is diverse, his images always outstanding in composition and execution and for me it is a necessary pleasure to follow the growth of this outstanding photographer.” (Steve Allsopp, 2018)

“Most photographs start and end with the click of the shutter. But very seldom they end with the click of the viewers’ brain. That’s where the difference between a normal image an an impactful one resides. And the difference between a good photographer and a great one who understands that a picture is not just a compilation of pixels. Alexandru Crisan is one of those unusual ones. And he does it by exposing his soul and sharing his most intimate feelings with the world. Different audiences might react differently to his unique visuals, but it’s very unlikely they’ll be able to ignore them. His images are a constant invitation to pause, to reflect, and to walk away listening to the echo of an inner WOW!” (Carlos Caicedo, 2018)

“For many years now I follow your travel in the surreal and beautiful world you create. It is always a pleasure to see your dreamy and full of emotion works, that certainly stands out from the millions of images overwhelming our everyday life. I expect with eagerness the creation of your personal online space, to fully enjoy your complete art projects.” (George Digalakis, 2018)

“These days everybody more or less talented can achieve an excellence in operating the shutter button and exposure times. We can find thousands, if not millions, of images with a perfect technique in all galleries worldwide and on the net. Of course Alexandru owns this perfect technique too, but what differs him from the rest and what counts most these days in photography is his own unique style. Many photographers, copy their styles from each other, e.g. LE images with piers, rocks and trees in the water. One doesn’t differ from another. One repeats another one of no own style, no emotions, no soul, only an excellent technique. Alexandru has an exceptional style, only his own, recognizable. Every artwork of his is fulfilled with a certain thought, various emotions, where you can find a thoughtful intention. And where you can meet his soul.” (Maria Walewska, 2018)

“Versatility, creativity, mysticism, mystery and originality… For me, Alexandru is not only a fine art photographer but a real contemporary visual artist.” (Yalçin Varnali, 2018)

“The first photos I had the pleasure of admiring of Alexandru Crisan are those of his series “Impossible Worlds”, along with his photography of architecture, even if to define them “of architecture” is something rather simplistic, as the definition fails to fully capture the intrinsic qualities of the work. In fact, these photos are able to go far beyond the simple, expressive rhetoric of architectural language… so is, precisely, thanks to them that I met Alexandru Crisan and it is through them that I had access to his photographic world. A “transliterated” world, in which the character of reality is replaced by that of the surreal. The reversal of the elements of space is a reversal of the points of reference that projects our imagination into a metaphysical and abstract dimension. What should be ordinary becomes alienating. Or it would be better to say, something that does not belong to this planet, but to an alien universe. So the buildings appear as ancient, monolithic cathedrals, as dreamlike and futuristic alien spaceships. These impossible worlds have the ability to catch our imagination to capture it definitively within its labyrinthical mirages. Or leave it free to wander in its infinite vastness. But they can also be, themselves, unconscious extension and projection of our mind, in a game of pareidolia illusions capable of giving life and face to ancient deities and ancestral creatures. I like the pictures of Alexandru because they have the same substance as dreams. Or perhaps an interstellar journey. A journey of restlessness, of mysteries, of illusions, of wonders.” (Roberto De Mitri, 2018)

“First of all, I noticed Alexandru Crisan as an exceptional draftsman and painter with a unique style. Over time, I was also able to pursue his artistic variety in photography. Both in landscape photography, architectural photography as well as in studio portraits you notice his special view, always in brilliant execution. I’m looking forward to future works.” (Maria Frodl, 2018)

“Alexandru Crisan, con una  potente estética muy característica, sugerente, inteligente, ha cambiado mi concepto de la fotografía, definitivamente afirmo, sin ningún género de duda, que su fotografía es ARTE, con mayúsculas. Es capaz de abordar cualquier temática, desde cualquier perspectiva estética, con una maestría que raya la perfección. Sublima sus imágenes de manera que impacten directamente en el alma, en el corazón, transportando los sentidos a territorios desconocidos, inexplorados y, en algunas ocasiones, perturbadores de la razón. Aguardo con impaciencia las nuevas publicaciones de Alexandru, seguro que seguirá sorprendiéndonos.”(Iryna Gragera, 2018)

“J’ai connu Alexandru Crisan en tant que peintre et j’étais impressionné par son style original dans les encres sur papier. Ensuite j’ai vu les photos dans ces merveilleuses séries. Ces photos sont une transposition de la réalité en une poésie d’une grande beauté. En regardant ses séries nous passons du pur enchantement visuel à la pensée philosophique. Autant le figuratif avec les images de l’hiver de son pays, le minimalisme et les magnifiques “Impossible worlds”, et le tourmenté “Asylum”, le fil conducteur est toujours le regard poétique et philosophique d’un monde imaginaire mais aussi d’une cruelle réalité. À travers le regard, ses œuvres rendent visible les profondeurs cachées de l’âme, des états d’esprit, des sentiments. Je suis admiratif devant sont travail et pourquoi ne pas reconnaitre qu’il est aussi une source d’inspiration.” (Paul Surdulescu, 2018)

“Desde sus dibujos a sus fotografías no ha dejado de sorprenderme gratamente este humanista del siglo XXI. Es en este último campo es donde según mi opinión, se ha salido de todos los cauces habidos y por haber. Mezcla de luces y sombras, de quietud y moviento, de dolor y ternura. Sumergido en la dualidad es difícil describir lo que no se llega a sentir al observar su obra.” (Teté Herrera, 2018)

“Alexandru Crisan immediately attracted my attention as an artist. His works, whether painting or photography, have an incredible sensitivity and strength. I especially like his photos that have a human dimension, each of them “narrate” a story full of emotions passions and dreams that we may try to hide from ourselves because we believe that in this way we will remain organized and partially invulnerable. Alexandru Crisan with the power of his images pushes us to recognise and accept our life with any kind of fear, dream and passion which it may have. This is why I consider him a great artist.” (Katerina Apostolakou, 2018)

“Il faut considérer l’art non comme la reproduction du monde mais comme la production d’un monde. Il y a, dans l’œuvre photographique d’Alexandru, une dimension artistique étonnante. Elle nous permet de découvrir ce que nous ne percevons pas dans la réalité. Par le détour de sa création, Alexandru révèle et dévoile le monde; il stimule nos perceptions assoupies. Ce chemin de création défini l’homme et le photographe: Alexandru est un artiste libre, un poète de l’image, un quêteur d’infini.” (Pierre Lucas, 2018)

“Alexandru Crisan is a great artist. His photography work is very unique and poetic. I especially admire his work about the human condition. Those series are full of deep emotions and they express our inner world in the best way. Alexandru Crisan’s talent of revealing us a new psychological dimension through his work is outstanding. He has the great ability to transform emotions into photos.” (Nasos Karabelas, 2018)

“彼の写真作品は魔法の風です。 風の音は彼の音楽です。 彼の音楽は私の頬を優しく刺す。 彼の風と音楽は本当に彼の唯一のものです。 今、展覧会で音楽を聴いています。” (Haruhisa Terasaki, 2018)

“Alexandru Crisan passa con maestria e disinvoltura dalla foto in bianco e nero al colore attraversando tutti i generi, dal paesaggio al ritratto, dal nudo artistico alla fotografia creativa, dall’ architettura al genere concettuale; con la stessa maestria e disinvoltura passa dalla fotografia al disegno. Alexandru Crisan non è solo un fotografo ma un vero Artista.” (Pietrino Di Sebastiano, 2018)

“Fra første gang jeg så Alexandru Crisan’s fotografi blev jeg fascineret og ville se mere. Det er spændende at gå på opdagelse i hans værker, for hvad gemmer der sig bag det umiddelbare? Tankerne og fantasien sættes igang – spændende! Alexandru har en høj standart både med teknik og indhold, spreder sig vidt – betagende landskaber, flot arkitektur og udfordrerne portrætter. Alexandru er en kunster jeg vil følge fremover, jeg vil ikke gå glip af hans værker.” (Jørgen Feldstedt, 2018)

“Alexandru Crisan is a seeker artist. The multitude of styles and forms which he touches always combines with extraordinary expression. I love his unique graphics and his “symmetrical worlds” in photography. Mysterious people and mysterious worlds full of emotions built of sensitivity, feelings and impatient desire to know.” (Pavel Javor, 2018)

“Alexandru tworzy obrazy poruszające moją wrażliwość. Są ekspresyjne, emocjonalne,  są dotykaniem wrażliwości, przekraczają granice zewnętrznej powierzchowności. Odzwierciedlają istnienie nieuchwyconego, mistycznego, jak se snu. Jego akty nie są stereotypowo męskim pojmowaniem piękna kobiecego ciała, jest  to dla mnie atutem, to mnie przyciaga. Alexandru jest bardzo świadomym fotografem i w emocjach jak i fotografii przyrody gdzie osiąga harmonię. To przyjemność móc napisać kilka słów na temat jego wspaniałej pracy, ale te kilka słów nie wyczerpuje tego, co można poczuć w poetyce jego prac.” (Monika Cichoszewska, 2018)

“To say that Alexandru Crisan is an outstanding photographer and visual artist means to say nothing at all. The fact that he, as a professional architect simply knows elements and rules of composition on a mathematical level, doesn’t surprise me either! What is the most fascinating and striking in his photography? In my opinion, those are – a deep philosophy, poetics, taste and extraordinary sense of humor which applied to every image he creates! His works are never casual. It is always properly worked out the concept and systematic approach to a realization. Independently on a subject, whether manipulations, landscape or cityscape, and architecture, there is never one and the same way to deliver an image. It is always a quest and exceptional ability of self-critique and careful choosing the next work he is going to present.” (Oleg Ferstein on 1X, 2017)

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