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What is Alexandru Crisan Art Photography? Alexandru Crisan Art Photography is a unique luxury brand signed by artist Alexandru Crisan. Founded in Bucharest, Romania in 2020, the website Alexandru Crisan Art Photography sells high-end photographic art works in extremely limited editions and original works of art, certified by the artist, mainly through its online store.

Who is Alexandru Crisan? Highly awarded artist, Alexandru Crisan has a multi-faceted personality, which allows him to easily work with different mediums trying to express his creative visions. Alexandru Crisan’s journey started in his native East European Post-Communist Romanian lands. He started painting at age of 4, with the first photographic images taken around the age of 12, he develops over time the ability to express himself in different mediums. Entirely self-taught as an artist, later on, he became enamored with architectural images. He is also a professional architect, lecturer at the University of Architecture, organizer and lecturer of architecture and photography workshops and the list goes further. Presently he lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. More about Alex >

Where can I see the art in person? You can preview an artwork online, on real environment, in SHOP section, which allows you to see how a particular piece of art will look on your wall, before you make a purchase. After purchase you’ll have the privilege to see it on your private wall.

What is a Limited Edition? Limited Edition means that there will only be a pre-determined number of prints produced of each image. Once the edition sells out, there will never be another reprint of any kind of that image. We do not believe in mass-production. We do not believe in “limited editions” of 75, 100, 450, 950 or 5.000 printed images. We are an extremely exclusive luxury brand dedicated to special art collectors. Alexandru Crisan Fine Art Editions come in multiple sizes ranging from 1 to a maximum of 30 certified prints.

What options do I have to make a purchase? You have 3 options for purchase a Limited Edition Art Print: one single image (see ART PRINTS section), a set of 3 images (see PRINT SETS section), one huge image structured on 3 different panels (see EPIC EDITIONS section).

What editions are available for purchase an Art Print? Alexandru Crisan art photographs (named ART PRINTS) are created either in Limited, Collector or Unique Editions and have the following variations:


> [LE] Author’s Limited Edition of 30, numbered from 1/30. These highly coveted works from Alexandru Crisan are significantly more accessible than his Collector Editions, with only 30 fineart prints available, dedicated to art lovers. Each image is stamped and numbered by the artist on the back side and have a standard pre-signed certificate of authenticity attached to print’s verso, indicating that you have purchased an original printed work.

> The prices for Limited Editions of 30 starts from 800/1.600/2.400 EUR. More details on LE shop page: https://alexandru-crisan.com/product-category/limited-editions-of-30/


> [CE] Collector’s Limited Edition of 10, numbered from 1/10. Each collector image is release in only 10 art prints + 2 Artist Proofs, mostly dedicated to collector’s, museums or specific art galleries. These editions are regarded as personal to the artist and therefore highly sought after by collectors. Each image is signed, stamped and numbered by the artist on the back side. Additionally, as a separate document, a dedicated original, unique-signed Certificate of Authenticity, specially crafted for each edition, with artwork title, date and edition number, indicate that you have purchased an original exclusive artprint. The prices for Collector’s Edition are progressive.

> The prices for Collector Editions of 10 starts from 2.500/5.000/7.500 EUR. More details on CE shop page: https://alexandru-crisan.com/product-category/collector-editions-of-10/


> [UE] Unique Edition of 1, numbered from 1/1. Unique Edition is exclusive, one-of-a-kind image, in one edition of 1 art print + 1 Artist Proof, that have been hand selected and signed by Alexandru Crisan, dedicated to special collector’s, museums or specific art galleries. They are considered to be among his most rare and valuable Masterworks. While Collector Editions are available to any collector, they are usually acquired by the most avid of Alexandru Crisan enthusiasts. Each image is signed, stamped and numbered by the artist on the back side. Additionally, as a separate document, a dedicated original, unique-signed Certificate of Authenticity, specially crafted for each edition, with artwork title, date and edition number, indicate that you have purchased an original unique artprint.

> The prices for Unique Editions of 1 starts from 10.000 EUR. More details on UE shop page: https://alexandru-crisan.com/product-category/unique-editions-of-1/

For more information except About Art Prints and F.A.Q. sections, contact us via email by visiting our contact page.

What is a Print Set?


A Print Set is a selection of 3 images unified by a common theme or a concept, available either in LIMITED, COLLECTOR or UNIQUE Editions: Author Edition (30×30 cm) with only 30 printed sets available, Collector Edition (40×40 cm) with only 10 printed sets + 2 AP and Unique Edition (50×50 cm) with only 1 art set + 1 AP. Prints Sets available for online purchase are slightly more accessible than individual works in Limited, Collector or Unique Editions. Some of the images from Printed Sets are also available for purchase separately either in Limited or Collector Editions. The Print Sets are stamped and numbered and have a standard or a dedicated Certificate of Authenticity with artwork title, date and edition number, indicating that you have purchased an original printed, exclusive or unique set of images. The prices for Prints Sets are progressive.

> The prices for Print Sets in Limited Edition of 30 starts from 1.350 EUR. More details on LEPS shop page: https://alexandru-crisan.com/product-category/limited-print-sets/

> The prices for Print Sets in Collector Edition of 10 starts from 2.450 EUR. More details on CEPS shop page: https://alexandru-crisan.com/product-category/limited-print-sets/

> The prices for Print Sets in Unique Edition of 1 starts from 4.350 EUR. More details on UEPS shop page: https://alexandru-crisan.com/product-category/limited-print-sets/

What are Epic Editions?


Spanning up to 7 meters, Alexandru Crisan Epic Edition is the largest photographic print available, only in Unique Edition of 1 Art Print. This grand vision require a minimum of 3 separate panels (triptych) to display the entire photograph. Each Epic Edition is signed, stamped and numbered by the artist on the back side. Additionally, as a separate document, a dedicated signed Certificate of Authenticity, with artwork title, date and edition number, indicate that you have purchased an original exclusive unique artprint.

> The prices for Epic Editions of 1 starts from 10.000 EUR. More details on EE shop page: https://alexandru-crisan.com/product-category/unique-editions-of-1/

What are Unique Artworks?


The original artworks are either paintings or drawings available in the original form or framed following the specifications stipulated on each dedicated page. The Unique Artworks are signed on front and/or verso and have a unique identification number on the back side. Only upon special request, we can provide a separate original, unique certificate of authenticity, signed by the Artist, which indicate that you have purchased an original unique artwork.

> The prices for Unique Artworks starts from 10.000 EUR. More details on UA shop page: https://alexandru-crisan.com/product-category/unique-artworks-paintings/

What means the shortcodes used on this website?

LE = Limited Edition of 30: LESQ = Limited Edition Square Format, LEWD = Limited Edition Wide / Panoramic Format, LEPS = Limited Prints Set, LEBS = Limited Box Set.

CE = Collector Edition of 10: CESQ = Collector Edition Square Format, CEWD = Collector Edition Wide / Panoramic Format, CEPS = Collector Prints Set.

UE = Unique Edition of 1: UESQ = Unique Edition Square Format, UEWD = Unique Edition Wide / Panoramic Format, UEPS = Unique Prints Set, UEE = Unique Epic Edition.

UA = Unique Artwork.

What means the abbreviations used in the product description in shop section? [AR] = Architecture series, [AS] = Alien Structures series, [DR] = Dreams series, [EA] = Erotoarchitectures series, [FT] = Fairytales series, [HS] = Hide and Seek series, [LS] = Lust series, [MB] = Minimal Black series, [MW] = Minimal White series, [SY] = Asylum series, [UF] = Urbanfobia series, [VS] = Venetian series, [WS] = Waterscape series.

Why does the price of the artprint change over time? Alexandru Crisan Art Limited Editions are produced in a pre-determined edition size. As demand for one of Alexandru Crisan’s Art Photographs goes up, so does the price. Collecting early guarantees you are also receiving the most competitive pricing available.


Will you ever re-publish a Limited Edition artprint? Absolutely not. Each edition is produced in an extremely limited numbers never to be reproduced again. For each image there is only one edition available for purchase. We will not reprint another edition of any kind (different size for example) after the art limited edition is sold out, and not just because we are extremely exclusive but we do not believe in reproductions widely accessible to anyone. For this reason we reserve the right to select our customers.

Where are editions produced? Most of Alexandru Crisan Fine Art editions are produced at our related production facility in Bucharest, Romania. Few of the artworks might have other print processes type or different type of papers depending on image content and are produced within the EU. Personally supervised by the photographer in collaboration with the finest print-makers, the Collector and Unique Editions will grant the best possible results, at museum quality, in order to reach the highest level of quality available in our times. The entire handmade process is an original work of art dedicated to achieving an exclusive unique image.

What size can I order my Limited Edition artprint? The finished size of each photograph is dependent on the final size you have selected along with the addition of frame you have chosen (for Print Sets). To assist you in selecting the perfect size, we have created for you a selection to provide exact dimension suitable for the various combinations available.

What format options and dimensions are available for purchase?

SQUARE FORMATS (print size)

[XS] = Extra Small Edition Size, 20-30 centimeters / 8-12 inches the on longest side

[S] = Small Edition Size, 40 centimeters / 16 inches the on longest side

[M] = Medium Edition Size, 60 centimeters / 24 inches the on longest side

[L] = Large Edition Size, 80 centimeters / 31 inches the on longest side

[XL] = Extra Large Edition Size, 100 centimeters / 39 inches the on longest side

[XXL] = Double Extra Large Edition Size, 120 centimeters / 47 inches the on longest side

[SL] = Special Large Edition Size, 140-150 centimeters / 55-59 inches on the longest side


[S] = Small Edition Size, 50 centimeters / 20 inches on the longest side

[M] = Medium Edition Size, 70 centimeters / 28 inches on the longest side

[L] = Large Edition Size, 90 centimeters / 35 inches on the longest side

[XL] = Extra Large Edition Size, 110 centimeters / 43 inches on the longest side

[XXL] = Double Extra Large Edition Size, 130 centimeters / 51 inches on the longest side

[SL] = Special Large Edition Size, usually around 150-200 centimeters / 59-79 inches on the longest side

Can I order a custom-sized Limited Edition artprint? We have a large variation in prints types and dimensions, so we do not offer for the moment custom sizes.

Do you sell unframed artprint? Almost all the artworks are unmounted and shipped to any country worldwide, usually rolled in a hard tube or cardboard envelopes unless specified otherwise. Always handle your photograph with the white cotton gloves if possible. We recommend that all images be mounted by experienced professionals. Please know that if your Alexandru Crisan edition is damaged from handling or during the mounting process, Alexandru Crisan is not liable for the damage or replacement costs. Be sure to use a reputable and insured frame shop to mount or frame your photograph.

Can I frame my artwork? Absolutely! We have a number of handcrafted options available to you. We have selected a few collector favorites for online purchases and have more selections available if contact us, at an additional cost calculated on the type and dimensions of the selected frame and your location around the world.

What is the difference between Standard Framing and Museum Framing? At this moment we offer 2 options for framing:

> STANDARD FRAME: standard matboard (1.1), antireflective (2.1) or float glass (2.2), backing cardboard (3), slim black aluminium frame (4).

> MUSEUM FRAME: museum matboard (1.2), museum glass (2.3), backing cardboard (3), slim black aluminium frame (4).

(1.1) Matboard’(passe-partout) is the name of the board that makes the transition between the image and the frame. The matboards from this range use standard surface paper with a standard core and back, produced by Royal Moorman Karton in The Netherlands.

(1.2) Museum Board > Moorman has been specially developed at the express request of museums for framing and storing valuable prints and historical and other documents. Extremely valuable papers, which will need to be preserved for centuries, so that future generations may derive benefit from them. Furthermore, the board is completely bonded and the bonding level is neutral, it is fully glued in an acid-free environment. The standard museumboard is chlorine acid free high quality buffered cellulose board, aging resistant requirements.

(2.1) Antireflective Glass > Antiglare glass, with both surfaces chemically etched, have no direct reflection, but the diffused reflection is still present (the direction of the reflected light is altered by the etched surface of the glass. This glass is not an option when the artwork has to be at a greater distance than 5-10mm from the glass because the artwork will be blurred by the glass.

(2.2) Float Glass > The glass used for framing is special, with a thickness between 1.5 and 2mm and is produced “float” – the melted glass is floated over a bath of melted metallic alloys and the result is perfectly plane, without waves, scratches, bubbles or other impurities. The float glass has no color, will not alter the colors of the artwork exposed under. The main inconvenience of using the float glass is the strong reflection of the light on its surface, especially when the artwork is exposed on the wall opposite to the light source.

(2.3) Museum Glass > The Museum glass presents several different layers of metallic coatings with the role of eliminating the reflections and protecting the artwork from UV rays which will fade the colors in time. The float glass can absorb or reflect a major part of UV rays hitting its surface, but there are several kinds of Museum glass which can absorb till 98% of UV rays and almost completely eliminate the reflections. The price of this specialty advises it only for artworks with great historical or artistic value, artworks which must be exposed to the light but without damaging them.

(3) Backing Board > Finkarton 3mm thick board made from wood pulp, cream-yellow color, suitable for wet or dry mounting. Cardboard let the artwork breathe and will not let moisture from the air to develop on the artwork’s back. It is a lightweight but rigid material which protects the artwork from deterioration.

(4) Metal Frame > Made from special aluminum alloys and thermally treated after extrusion for higher resistance. Finished by chemical elloxation or powder coating. Higher resistance to humidity, abrasion and mechanical shocks.

Are other mediums available for Art Prints? Yes, we can also provide other mediums such as canvas prints and/or alu-dibond/acrylic mount but only upon request. We believe an artwork should resist over time and easily be transferred from one frame to another without damaging the print, which is difficult if the image was printed under dibond/acrylic mount. So, we do not recommend even if we love the final result. Instead, you can use thin black metallic frames with or without borders for matboards. If you are interested in framing for your print, use the contact form.

Do you print on canvas? Yes, we can provide prints on canvas, such as Cezanne Canvas 430 or Daguerre Canvas 400, certified for museum quality by highest age resistance, but only upon request. We do believe canvas is made for oil, acrylic painting or other mixed used, not for photographs.

What is special printing? Carbon transfer print for example, also known as a wet print process, is one of the preferred processes for some black and white editions. Made of pure carbon pigment, the carbon prints, renowned for its archival stability (at least 200 years on special conditions), rich shadows, clarity, and luxurious texture will never fade, exceeding the platinum or silver prints. The entire handmade process is an original work of art dedicated to achieving an exclusive unique image, reaching the highest level of quality available in our times.

Do you sell poster prints? We do not.

Is the art signed?

The Limited Editions are stamped and numbered on the back side and have a standard pre-signed Certificate of Authenticity attached to print’s verso or applied to the back of the support, indicating that you have purchased an original printed work.

The Collector and Unique Editions are certified signature editions, stamped and numbered on the back side. Additionally, as a separate document, a dedicated original, unique-signed Certificate of Authenticity, specially crafted for each edition, with artwork title, date and edition number, indicate that you have purchased an original exclusive or unique artprint.

Do you authenticate the artprint? We have gone to great lengths to protect the integrity of each artwork with our DataBaseProgram. This program was created to ensure the security and authenticity of Alexandru Crisan Art Editions. A serialized unique numbered can be found on the reverse side of the print and also on the front of your Certificate of Authenticity. An original second copy of your Certificate of Authenticity is secured at our studio, including the procedure sale documents, in case you lose them. All the detailed information’s about sales are stored in our database according to our privacy policy.


Can I use the images found on your website? All images and content contained within this website are the copyright of Alexandru Crisan. Images may not be in any way reproduced, copied, printed or scanned. All images must not be used without expressed prior written permission from Alexandru Crisan. The use of any images or other materials included herein, in whole or in part, for any purpose other than the private purpose of viewing them online, including, but not limited to, copying, reproduction, publication (including on Internet Web Site including third party web pages by any means, including “hotlinking”, storage in a retrieval system (other than internet browser), manipulation (digital or otherwise), or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, is expressly prohibited without the written permission of Alexandru Crisan. Also, for media and broadcast requests, please contact our studio for approvals prior to printing or filming.

> Contact Artist Studio at info@alexandru-crisan.com or use the contact form for submitting a request for image use.

Can I use the images purchased from your website? When you purchase one of my artworks either in limited or collector editions, you are purchasing the actual physical print, with the right to display the print for viewing and non-commercial purposes. You will own the print, not the rights to the original image so you may not scan, duplicate, copy, resell, publish, or otherwise utilize the image in any manner without prior written authorization. More on the TERMS OF USE.


Do you ship internationally? Yes, we do! Shipping options and fees will update in your cart when you enter your address. Due to Russian customs regulations, we are unable to ship to residential addresses within Russia. Shipments must be sent to a business address and imported through a business only.

We may decline to ship to certain destinations, even if you make a purchase, in countries subject to embargoes, sanctions, war, disturbances, local regulations, or other restrictions.

Do you ship to multiple addresses? We only ship to one address per order for the moment. To send to a separate address, you must make separate orders.

How much does shipping cost? All artprints are sent via UPS courier. Shipping costs are around 70 – 250 EUR depending on the destination country and your preferences: EU 70 EUR, US and Canada 130 EUR, Asia 150 EUR, Other 250 EUR.

What about duties and taxes? We use FedEx/DHL exclusively for all International orders. International collectors are responsible for all international fees, duties, customs, taxes and charges imposed following the purchase of the artwork. You will need to act quickly as customs doesn’t have a large window of time to process shipments. After a few weeks the images will either be sent back to us or become property of the government. If they are sent back there will be additional shipping fees to have the artwork returned to you. If you have additional questions please contact DHL customer service for your country.

How can I track my order? To access order information, you must make sure to sign up for an online account. If your order has shipped, we will email you the tracking number. If you choose to order as a guest without creating an account, this function will not be available but we will still send you email confirmations of your order and your shipment. Login to your account >

Is my artprint insured during transit? Alexandru Crisan Art Photography ensures full coverage for all shipments. We will replace or repair any damages that occur during transit from our production facility to the destination address listed on your order. We cannot insure shipments once they have been transported from the original delivery destination.

What happens if my package arrived damaged?

Limited Editions > Our packaging has been designed to help minimize the potential for damage or breaking, but we can’t control what happens during transit. If you receive a damaged or broken package which is a rare occurrence contact us within 24 hours at info@alexandru-crisan.com. We will happily replace it, but we’ll need pictures of the damage. Requests must be received within 7 days of delivery, and must include a copy of the shipping receipt and photographic proof of the damage for us to review. If your request is approved, we will resend the art print again or cancel the order and refund you. At this time, there are no returns on special orders or artwork that is altered at the request of the customer.

Collector or Unique Edition > If this package shows signs of damage, it is your right to inspect the art before signing for it. Please do not refuse delivery. Instead ensure that the driver notes that the piece was damaged. Please keep the original packaging, including the box and foam corners. Submit at least 4-6 digital photographs of the box and any damage to the art to info@alexandru-crisan.com if possible. A request for repair or replacement will only be honored if submitted within 7 days of delivery. Please include the 5-digit order number from your box and the last name on the subject line of the email. If there is a preferred method of reaching you or a certain time of day that is more convenient for you. Please include that information in the body of the email. A representative of Alexandru Crisan will contact you within 3 business days with further instructions. It is our full intention to handle your repair or replacement as soon as possible.

Neither Alexandru Crisan Fine Art nor any affiliated carrier is responsible for damage incurred during hanging or during any secondary transportation after initial delivery. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that each piece be carefully inspected upon receipt.

Can you ship to a PO box? No.

When will my order arrive?

FedEx Ground (Retail Product Shipments, Limited Edition Fine Art)

Packages typically takes 5-7 business days. FedEx will attempt (3) three deliveries prior to having the artwork sent back to our corporate office. This shipment will also be sent with a signature required. If you would like the signature waived, we will need acknowledgment in writing (email) stating that you understand that Alexandru Crisan USA will not be held liable for any theft or loss of shipment. Unfortunately, a delivery time or appointment is not feasible.

DHL (International Deliveries Only)

Packages typically arrives at the local customs office within 2 to 3 business days. Delivery date to the final destination is based on the collector’s response and cooperation during the clearance process.

I am moving, can you arrange shipment of my art to my new address? We must be notified prior to the shipment leaving our facility for any address updates. Should you change the delivery destination to a taxable state we will need to collect any applicable tax fees prior to the artwork leaving our facility. If we are notified of an address change after the item has left our facility then you will be responsible for any and all shipment reroute fees.