M E t A W o r k s  T2



Hey, you! Why do you keep buying “apes”? Are those bored avatar thingies a fetish of yours or something? Are you really that bored?

Yes, I mean you! I’m sure that, before you got to this page, you took a (hopefully puzzled) look at some “lazy punks”, some “flying pigs”, some interstellar nonsense… Are you now entertained? “…are you dancer?” Or are you a true collector who knows that a pig is still a pig, no matter how much lipstick you slap on it?

You do know that collecting has always been a game, right? You do understand that the logic of the game is to patch all the pieces together in a way that makes sense, right? The thing is, no matter how many smirking apes with different outfits and backgrounds you’re going to buy, there is no way you’ll find the satisfaction you’re looking for! Because you cannot punk Logic, but one can sure as hell punk any “metaverse” imaginable!

So, let’s play a different game!

Let’s switch from nonsense to art! Simply put, you can keep buying that same old pixelated shit, or you can try buying something different! Something of worth, I dare say… Maybe, just maybe, you will not be as bored as you were when you started… Maybe your profit will be real!

Let me put it this way: if you could time-travel, wouldn’t you buy a piece of the Mona Lisa? Fast-forward a few hundred years and use a fraction of your crypto-coin to buy a fraction of a work of art. After the purchase, what if you would be able to trade that piece of art for a different piece of art? Moreover, what if, after repeated trades, you could complete the original work and finally own it? And even if you would not complete it, so what? Wouldn’t you be glad to own at least, let’s say, the right hand (or even the left eye!) of the Mona Lisa, instead of a flying pig? Browse through some art history pages: you will see that in Leonardo da Vinci’s oeuvre, for instance, there are some amazing working details that enchanted the spirit (and the wallet!) of quite a few art lovers! You will see thousands of masterful sketches just for a right hand, for a right angle, for the right light… Now, google their value… In other words, wouldn’t you be happier playing a game in which nobody really loses?

Let’s just punk them pigs and profit!


The MEtAWorks collection, started by Alexandru Crisan on 01.01.2021, comprises three NFT tiers:

Tier I <-> 36 unique piecesthe triptychs

  • Consists in an artwork divided by its author in 3 parts, with each part further split into 12 distinct pieces
  • Each of the pieces was assigned a secret word and a number hidden in the NFT’s metadata. Both will be revealed only to the buyer. You need all the 36 secret words in order to be able to redeem the original work – that is, of course, if you wish to own the original work!
  • The first 12 pieces of the triptych have floor prices ranging from 0.1 Eth to 0.65 Eth
  • The following 12 pieces, #13 to # 24, have floor prices ranging from 0.7 Eth to 1.25 Eth
  • The last 12 pieces, #25 to #36, are the most expensive ones, with floor prices ranging from 1.3 Eth to 1.85 Eth
  • The very last piece, #36, is the one that includes the signature of the artist.
  • Enjoy trading any of the pieces on the market you trust!

Tier II <-> 24 unique piecesthe diptychs

  • There are 12 pieces each comprising 2 pieces of the original artwork
  • Starting prices range from 0.1 Eth to 2.4 Eth

Tier III <-> 12 unique pieces

  • Starting prices range from 0.1 Eth to 5.5 Eth


Swap a slice of me, collect a cut of art!

MeAW T2/24


#01/24 >>> #24/24

Project page: “Q” / Artwork page: Q#02 – QUAECUMQUE SUNT VERA / Collection page on OpenSea: MEtAWorks (MeAW T2)

MeAW T2/24

ABC Ch.03 – A Skin Deep Anamnesis

#01/24 >>> #24/24

Project page: ATAVISM – a BESTIARY of CONSPIRACIES / Artwork page: ABC Ch.03 – A Skin Deep Anamnesis / Collection page on OpenSea: MEtAWorks (MeAW T2)

MeAW T2/24

ABC Ch.07 – Is My Reason Road Kill?

#01/24 >>> #24/24

Project page: ATAVISM – a BESTIARY of CONSPIRACIES / Artwork page: ABC Ch.07 – Is My Reason Road Kill? / Collection page on OpenSea: MEtAWorks (MeAW T2)

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