AnarchyPunks – The 7.O.7. Postal Edition


Mechaniarchy (The 7.Ø.7. Postal Edition)

Some folks, too green to retain residual remembrances, keep calling it anarchy. Other, too yellowed by that masticated “me” metonymy called memory, keep smirking while chalking it up to puerility. I think it’s acrimonious, hormonal and spontaneous, it’s borderline metrical in its invisible hand partiality and might turn out to be a Web 3.0 comorbidity.

A “digimodernist” bestiary rooted in “repetitions”/“differentiations” – damn! already too many nauseating conceptual fixations poised to spawn negative commercial implications for the praxis of some what-you-see-is-not-what-they-said collections that I’m trying to share with like-minded Ξ bullish avatarial standardizations riding a blockchain high-rising to stomp on pixelated daytimes and inflationary ablations – this is what quite a few philatelically powered parametric potpourris are all about. They curate hardcore passe-partouts and try to snuff out crypto-doubt. They punk. Now it’s your turn to shout!

Punk ist 7Ø7!   #101  >>>  #273

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