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BW Minimalism Annual Book 2018



BW Minimalism Magazine, Annual Book  2018


“Collecting the greatest images published in 2018, the annual book of Black and White Minimalism magazine tries to manifest the beauty and magnificence of minimalism to its readers and highlight this fact that “Less is more.” Featuring Minimalist artists: Jefflin Ling, Piotr Belcyr, Olivier Robert, Nathan Wirth, Nataliya Andrianova, Giulio Zanni, Andre Struik, Ahmed Thabet, Andreas Pohl, Andrei Baciu, Anton Shvain, Benoit Courti, César L. Seoane, Christophe Staelens, Gill Julianno, Guy Havell, Hasibe Borhani, Jay Cohen, Michal Baran, Alejandro Piera Ruiz, John Kosmopoulos, Tony Hunter, VOJTa Herout, Seong Joe Woo, Alexander Munoz, Fülöp Schmal, Stefano Ciol, Nadya Zim, Katia Platonova and Andrey Kazakov, Thibaut Goarant, Stavros Stamatiou, Sergi Garcia Gavaldà, Alexandru Crisan, Allen Koppe, Julien Carcano, Neil Hulme, Paul Compton, Pamela Aminou, Tomáš Tisoň, Thierry Salmon, Rohan Reilly, Philipp Pusch, Peter Krahe, Alicja Brodowicz, Peter Fritz, Alan Black, Brent Hayden, Naoki Fujihara, Steve Day.” Minimalism Photography Magazine website:

B&W Minimalism Annual Book webpage:

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