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London, UK

Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA) announce the winners of the 7th edition.

ALEXANDRU CRISAN was Award Nominated: in Professional Conceptual category with “La Grande Bellezza“, in Professional Abstract category with “Qu’est-ce que le cinema?“, in Professional Open Theme category with “Pastel, Interrupted“, in Professional Fine Art category with “Painted Body“, in Professional Architecture category with “A Problematic Proximity” and Professional Photomanipulation category with “Imprintin the 7th Fine Art Photography Awards 2021 competition.

Alexandru Crisan: LA GRANDE BELLEZZA (Professional Conceptual)

A wise man once said: “Bellezza perisce nella vita, ma immortale nell arte”. Another man came many years after and make a movie that speaks about our modern beauty, about dreams, desires, and everything we have lost over the years. Mostly, the ability to see beyond our selfishness, and to feed our ego with what we have left as humans. In a world of insanity and false beliefs, we think we possess the ability to evaluate and appreciate just because we can, we can easily distinguish between good and evil, between beauty and ugliness, between right or wrong. We are at least the avatars of the unknown otherselfs trying desperately and deliberately to achieve the ability to define ourselfs, related to others. We can judge and enunciate our opinions, we try hardly to mark everything that surrounds us with our appreciations. And probably this is our biggest mistake. The appreciation is a result of our beliefs and of our referral system imposed by others, by trends, by a solid defined personal taste. These were some of the starting points regarding my quest to define and somehow transpose in only one image the beauty, named “la grande bellezza”. It’s not a conceptual image, nor even an abstract one as it was the initial project idea. Mainly I tried to make a whole series of images related to this subject. Finally, I conclude that only one image can express best the idea of beauty. What kind of beauty I am talking about? I will let you decide that! Maybe is not about the beauty anymore, maybe is about you and all the things I put together above. Below is only speculations and a matter of taste, which finally concludes about the beauty within. That beauty lives by herself in her imperfection, showed and hid to your eyes, open and closed to your senses, sweet and meantime bitter if you swallow it. It’s neverending process, regenerating herself, flown by, and mostly in the winds of our desires, impossible to catch and needed often to be released. The image shows an intermediate state, somewhere beyond the world of dreams where the light tries to disintegrate the main character, revealing the most intimate parts of his soul. This image is dedicated to the second man, named Paolo Sorrentino.

Alexandru Crisan: QU’EST-CE LE CINEMMA? (Professional Abstract)

“Qu’est-ce que le cinema?” This is my answer, stripped down to only one frame, leaving the following 23 for Jean-Luc Godard as visual props in his spectacular quest for truth; alas, André Bazin was unavailable for comment.

Alexandru Crisan: PASTEL, INTERRUPTED (Professional Open Theme)

Voilà a vernal veil of paramour passions plaguing my masculine masquerade of (self) punitive purity pursuits! I wanted a landscape. I wanted the desolation of an orphaned lifeguard post on a quiet Thursday beach. I wanted the contrast of the sangre paint keeping the rust at bay against the milky turquoise sky forsaken by those sharp seagulls that never shut the hell up. I wanted the onshore breeze to wrestle with me for the chance to click the shutter. I wanted to mirror myself in a fortuitous freeze frame. Yet she was there.

Alexandru Crisan: PAINTED BODY (Professional Fine Art)

Eidetic memory is the ability to see an object soon after you look away. For most people, the image lasts mere seconds or less than one second. To get an idea of how well your brain makes use of eidetic memory, look at an object and close your eyes, and see how long you can still see the object in your mind’s eye. For most people, these images are only retained for a few short seconds before being discarded, or information relayed to the short-term memory.” “Painted Body” image, from “Lust” project is oriented towards psychoanalysis, following a deep line in understanding human anxieties, hopes or desires. Somewhere beyond the formal representation, the character hides a fantastic world of inner beauty, revealed through an extremely sensitive approach.

Alexandru Crisan: A PROBLEMATIC PROXIMITY (Professional Architecture)

The “Problematic Proximity” image from “Invisible Cities” project puts under a hyper-realist intimate scrutiny a special architectural image. The multiplication by multiple exposure accentuates the inherent dual nature of the subject and creates a new potential space of self-integration, thus giving birth to new impossible architectural disclosures. The image is, in fact, a newborn architectural space that enriches the world of the imaginary, highlighting the infinite possibilities to dream on. The world of dreams, the most intimate of spaces, becomes a never-ending speculation – perhaps a little Freudian, but nonetheless nourishing. It is not a haze, but a daydream, within which different scenarios may be played-out by the viewer’s imagination.”

Alexandru Crisan: IMPRINT (Professional Photommanipulation)

I do believe in dreams and I also believe in our days we lack the ability of dreaming. The proposed image narrates a different stance in a world of haunted dreams and mostly, in a world of loud voices. The images from this series are oriented towards psychoanalysis, following a deep line in understanding human anxieties, somewhere beyond hopes or desires. Sometimes marked by confusion and uncertainty, the reaction of the human body under the incidence of excessive light leads to new interpretive stances. The image shows an intermediate state, somewhere beyond the world of dreams where the light tries to disintegrate the main character, revealing the most intimate parts of his soul.


About FAPA: “Fine Art Photography Awards is one of the largest award giving bodies for a community of artists ushering an era of new trends in the world of photography. Created in 2014, this competition is a melting pot for people where passion, interest, sense of beauty and openness to diversity in photography collide in intergalactic proportions. At Fine Art Photography, we seek to find artists and unique souls who breathe and live for creativity—where we provide a platform of promotion and support in their pursuit of self-realization and development. Since the beginning of the competition, our jurors have thoroughly reviewed and evaluated hundreds of photographs from dozens of different categories. Owing to the phenomenal trust coming from participants all over the world, within just a span of few short years, we have catapulted to a pedestal alongside the most important and highly prestigious artistic photography contests of this era. In a world dominated by a traditional approach to photography, we know how difficult it is to break the great divide between two seemingly polarizing styles, with modern approach on one hand and traditional on the other. But take heart, for this is what Fine Art Photography is all about—it’s about you showing your own vision of the subject. At Fine Art Photography Awards, you can take center stage and allow the judges to get a glimpse of how you dissect beauty in the harmony of your photographs. In this competition, everyone is free to use any technique. Obligatory devices and other coercive methods is not how we roll. Only the final effect counts. We break all the rules, and we want you to break them with us by creating new trends in art. Currently, our judges evaluate the work of the artists in twenty categories divided into professionals and amateurs. With such diversity, participants have a better chance at precisely defining their niche and showcasing their innovative prowess in the area they feel most comfortable with. The finalists in professional and amateur categories will receive the following prestigious titles: Fine Art Photographer of the Year, Fine Art Discovery of the Year. At the heart of Fine Art Photography Awards is the objective to explore the depth of 21st century artists’ ability to push the limits of the imagination and produce other-worldly photography, beyond the current trend and accepted standards. This desire gave birth to one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions on photography. This contest caters to individuals actively attuned to experimentations and new trends in art. Fine Art Photography delights in providing an avenue for talented souls to brandish the world’s eccentricity, variety, beauty, and even ugliness from the artist’s lens. And yes, you can have it your own way! Delight in the crazy beautiful fusion of simplicity and complexity of the world with us! At Fine Art Photography Awards, we believe in the professionalism of our jury. It is this very same jury that will birth opportunities for you and open many doors in your artistic career. Critical evaluation will allow you to analyze your photographic workshop objectively and further usher growth in your creative spirit. We welcome revolutionary originality and diversity with the thrust of reaching the widest possible audience and, above all, to reward and promote the best!”

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  1. I followed you years ago on Artlimited and your evolution as an artist is really impressive. Your powerful images, sometimes brutalist with deep impact on the viewer are a distinctive signature for you as an artist. Congratulations once again Alexandru!

  2. Hi. You have here a very strong body of works. Like a lot your painterly abstract images. You are one of my favorite photographers, I am a huge fan. Keep doing what you do best. Greetings, Ralph

  3. Just love ‘painted body’. I was extremely surprised by the text you put down to ‘grande bellezza’. Totally speechless and deeply impressed. So much beauty in your words, so much beauty in the world. Regards Raia

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